A World of Flavors….
A Perfect Place for Hungry Palates

At Jumpin’Crab we offer a unique destination. Escape into a paradise of flavors….
Come and experience our delicious Southern food in a fun-filled atmosphere. Drink great local and imported beers, and culminate your culinary experience with our delicious French crepe dessert.
What sets Jumpin’Crab apart from the rest?
We truly love what we doing and we love our customers.
Stop by our Westminster location and enjoy our unique world of flavors, you can only experience at Jumpin’Crab.

Our Food  We serve Cajun seafood, distinctive for their unique freshness, crunchiness and taste, especially when mixed with our unforgettable Jumpin’ Signature sauce. Our sauce has the most distinctive taste, consistency and heat choices in town. With 6 levels of hotness Friction, Spark, Fire, Flame, Inferno, and Inferno Loco, we will accommodate most of our customer heat tolerance.

Our Heat Scale  Our heat scale is based on the cycle of fire. Fire starts with Friction then Spark followed by Fire, Flame and builds up to an Inferno. For those who can handle the HEAT, higher heat scale offers fullest flavor and pleasure.

Friction: Easy, Sparks: Lips Tingling, Flame: Mouth on Fire, Fire: Cranium on Fire, Inferno: Eardrums on Fire, Inferno Loco: Body on Fire